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December 22, 2014, 07:55:37 PM
lothaer beckons everyone over to you.
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: has anyone been able to take WIM to the beta yet?
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: PTR*
[DevTeam] [Maziel]: *sticks head up and looks around*
lothaer cries.
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: who the hell flagged my post as spam?
[Guest] [primalforce]: Hey guys
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: hello Primalforce.
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: PAZZA COME BACK!!!
[DevTeam] [Nachonut]: Ahhh memories
[Guest] [Ignis]: wtb update
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: soooo.....
Pazza starts to complain... Kinda reminds you of Sloans dont it?
[Guest] [Hentaya]: No more wiki?
[Guest] [Hentaya]: All the wiki links seem to bring me to the forums.
[Guest] [menace97]: the latest wim (3.5.9) i download still reads in-game as 3.4.2. ?
[Guest] [Hentaya]: Good thing the shoutbox doesn't have timestamps.
[Guest] [ravensong]: Is WIM going to be updated for the new patch? It gets a LUA error every time people log on bnet or pst me, because "
[Guest] [ravensong]: "surname" is now a nil value.
[Guest] [Dethedrus]: Since WiM is obviously quite dead, is there ANYTHING else out there that even comes close to replicating it's functionality?
[Guest] [Harshmage]: So the "surname" can be removed from the realID detection, in WIM.lua
[Guest] [Harshmage]: but fixing the tutorial popup and other errors is probably not going to happen without a major rework
[Guest] [menace97]: quite dead?
[Guest] [Nytetears]: I am trying out tell track I wish WIM would update I much prefer it but there are too many errors to try and use it now
[Guest] [Erudan]: Wim is being updated on Curse.
[Guest] [Chiaki]: Hello guys! I'm the one who did the German translation of WIM. The translation is somewhat old so tell me where to provide a new version .
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: Check out my new post in the General Discussion. Please report any errors as I can't check them myself.
lothaer pokes Pazza. Hey!
lothaer is overcome with boredom. Oh the drudgery!
lothaer roars with bestial vigor. So fierce!
lothaer cries.
lothaer falls asleep. Zzzzzzz.
lothaer , in quiet contemplation, mourns the loss of the dead.
lothaer tells a joke.
lothaer yawns sleepily.
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: Sylvanaar
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: 22/10/12
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: updated the download
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: check out my new post in the Skin thread
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: 11/11/12
[DevTeam] [lothaer]: 23/2/13
[Guest] [thekarn]: People Online: 12
[Guest] [Hentaya]: She leads the lonely life....
[Guest] [Hentaya]: 2013.0911
[Guest] [dardack]: just an FYI getCVar("realname" is gone, gotta use GetRealmName()
[Guest] [Hentaya]: You mean getCVar("realmname", right?
[DevTeam] [Nachonut]: Memories.......
Pazza starts to complain... Kinda reminds you of Sloans dont it?
Nachonut starts to complain... Kinda reminds you of Sloans dont it?
[DevTeam] [Nachonut]: Long live WIM!
News: World of Warcraft v4.0.1
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